Happy Earth Day.

A few months ago now I bought the book Zero Waste by Bea Johnson and I read it and put it along side my other books on simplicity and minimalism. I felt overwhelmed.

Then I realised Earth Day was approaching and I clicked on the website, http://www.earthday.org/.

I can’t just sit and do nothing now, not with the knowledge I have. And so I pledge to reduce our household waste by half and reduce the amount of plastic entering our house. I also pledge to have at least one meat free day a week.

Having read a blog about frugality, I realise that perhaps frugality and simplicity are not quite compatible.

Our Earth needs us to consume less.

Our Earth needs us to consume consciously.

And, this new trend of couponing, perhaps, does not bring out the best in us. Unless done with care and thought for our environment.

Happy Earth Day.


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