Exercise for body and mind.

There can be no doubt that cycling is an amazing form of exercise. It is as expensive as you wish it to be and, as I am no Lycra babe, not too expensive for me at all. I tend to stick to one route for my every day cycling, of about 7 miles. It is flat and beautiful and, as I travel that way frequently, I notice many changes throughout the year.

It was so clear this morning and, as I’d missed the traffic, relatively quiet. Just a slight breeze and the scent of oil-seed-rape in the air. Just as well I don’t have hay fever!

Wilsthorpe is the first village I pass through, a string of cottages and a church and that is it. I have never stopped to see if the telephone box is working, but I doubt it! Between Wilsthorpe and Braceborough is my longest stretch and the road is bordered by yet more fields. Its not unlikely to see hares, deer and owls along here, depending on what time of day you pass.

Braceborough is much like Wilsthorpe in that it has a church and a string of cottages. It also has, however, a home for the elderly and I can not imagine a nicer place to live than here. The old school house, pictured below, is now the village hall. When there was a glut of fruit 3 years ago, one of the cottages had a sign outside offering the fruit for free if you picked it. I pickled some of the smaller pears and they were delicious.

The final village, before home, is Greatford, pronounced Gretford! Now this is a village with some beautiful buildings in it, but pricey too. I took a detour and  some photos to show you the church and some of the older buildings. One of the houses, not featured, has a moat!

I believe the church is 4th century and an elderly gentleman informed me that the new south facing window, above, shows features of the village. The chafs (red beaked birds) and below them water cress, as the village once had copious watercress beds.

A Roman Stone Coffin 350 CE, found nearby.
At last I am home and I feel refreshed and invigorated and my knees are wonderful again.

Our village church

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