Another craft, Ply-split braiding.


And that is the trouble, one craft leads  to another and another and… I have just spent a fantastic day with The Peterborough Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. Julie Hedges came and taught us the basics of ply-split braiding. I spent some of the time wondering whether to invest in her book and Gripfid purely because, while the braiding is relaxing and satisfying, the making of the cords is time consuming and expensive (cord winders are around £100). However, I did invest in them because a member of our Guild, the wonderful Pippa, has said she will help me make some cords with her cord winder at a Braiding Day in May. She has said that at a future date she will bring her cord winder along and we can all make cords for braiding. Hooray!

Two of the braids I made and a Gripfid.
I took the picturesque route home via the village of Upton and the Chapel of Ease and along the old Kings Street, so up-lifting.

The village of Helpston, near by, was the home of John Clare the country poet. My favorite poem is ‘I am’, please read it. In comparison to other poets of his time he was uneducated but his poems, well…

Now I am home, and it is evening.


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