A Collector’s Nightmare!

Its spring and I’m mid flurry, trying to sort out our home. We’ve been here almost four years and are working our way through each room, making it fit for our purpose and ridding ourselves of things that hold us back or stifle our creativity.

This morning I was in the dining room where we have a dolls cabinet that needed a severe pruning! The cabinet must go, I don’t like it. I did like it a one time but my life has changed and I’m moving on.

The cabinet belonged to a late aunt and I remember visiting my grandparents, where she lived, and seeing the cabinet in the hall way. It towered above me and contained the most wonderful items, such as dolls and ornaments from around the world.

As a child I also had a cabinet, much smaller in size, and with fewer dolls. My father had been a British service man and where ever he travelled he bought a doll for my aunt. As I grew up dolls were collected for me and when my sister was born they collected tea spoons for her.

As the years passed-by the dolls faded and when I inherited my aunt’s cabinet I was able to release my battered one to the tip. Why did I keep her dolls? They meant nothing to me, mine however contained memories of my childhood. In addition I felt guilt, disposing of items my parents lovingly collected for me.

I now know these thoughts are foolish, my parents would not be concerned at my cull and my daughter has no interest in them at all. So this morning I sat down and emptied the cabinet. I have kept a few of the dolls, for now, but feel sure that when we decorate this room many more will go. So, the open lidded green coffin has been sealed and the contents will go to a charity shop. This is the coward’s way out, I have rehomed them but they will undoubtedly throw them!

Meanwhile I have photographed a few items of little value except to the creative side of my brain, ‘there’s a short story in there…’ Do I feel guilty about my collection? No, Daniel Krawczyk says our brains are hard wired to collect things and I still get that oxytocin rush when I look at them. Do I feel guilty about my cull? No, I have too much stuff and to have less will make me happy.

What do you collect?


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