Spring has sprung.

Spring is here at last but, while the days are warmer, the nights still have a nip to them. The Daffodils in the picture above were a gift from my mother, and, now I know what colour they are, can be planted out later on. Yes, I’ve spotted the rogue Hyacinth! Daffodils are such a simple flower and yet, to see them in the hedge rows, give a lift to the spirits and just get you through to the warmer weather. As well as the cold nights we do have our fair share of rain. Our granddaughter does enjoy puddle jumping and  I have it on good authority that one of the best puddles in the village is outside our house. The puddle in the picture below is outside our village hall!


I named my blog ‘It’s simple’ because life should be just that. I do realise, however, that it may not always be that way. However, this morning I have spent an enjoyable few hours with members of my local spinning and weaving group, South Lincs Spinners and Weavers. Our guest speaker was Angela Daymond, Textile Teacher and artist at Fenland Textile Studio. She talked to us about the use of natural products for yarn dyeing, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I will be snipping the flower heads off the daffodils, in the picture above, to dye a skein of yarn I spun today. The fleece was a gift fleece from a friend and is a texel cross. She showed us lots of samples of wonderful natural colours.

We also received our surprise fibre. Mary, our organiser, uses a photo for inspiration and choose fibres which she arranges to be dyed and blended for us to experiment with. This months fibres are 50% Corridale, 12.5% Mulberry silk, 12.5% Tussah silk, 12.5% Seacell and 12.5% Bamboo. Just look and those wonderful fibres!


I do hope your weekend is as wonderful, bye for now.


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