Knitting Looms

Knitting looms are the new thing for crafters. For those of you who remember French knitting, with a wooden cotton reel with four nails in the top,  this will be of no great surprise. I purchased mine just after Christmas and have made a selection of hats so far. The looms come in four sizes to fit a baby; toddler/child; child/adult and large adult.It is easy to made a hat in a couple of evenings whilst chatting or watching TV.

The top of the knitting loom
The base of the loom



The manufacturers suggest using chunky yarn, but, in the hat displayed above, I have used two stands of cream Aran and one strand home spun.

A completed hat for a toddler/child finished with a crochet ball containing a bell.

If you want to try this, I know of friends who have found unused kits in charity shops at a reasonable price.

Give it a go, it’s fun.



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