Amid the increasing concerns about the effects of climate change, it is difficult not to feel alone when trying to make a difference. With the wonders of the internet I have searched for men and women who have similar concerns and ideas, so that the exchange of ideas could take place, but to no avail. There are limited blogs from people in this country which is difficult. While it is wonderful to read of the lives of similarly minded people in other continents, such as Morag Gamble, Rhonda Hetzel and Katherine Tree, they are in different continents, in different countries with different laws and climates.

It is important that I try and document our efforts to make this household sustainable within the confine of its finances, geography and knowledge. Reaching out in the hope of meeting others to exchange ideas, provide support and highlight out concerns in this ever changing world.

Topics that keeping me thinking are, for example, whether it is possible to be minimalist,  sustainable and frugal or tightwad all at once. How to challenge the idea that the media perpetuates of ‘the retired’ having no value in our society except for spending the money of the more deserving young of today. Indeed, attempting redefine the concept of ‘retired’ or ‘work’. And how we as individuals, within a society, can make a difference.


On the 17th and 18th of March 2017 the Bright Green Energy Show will be held in Stamford this has been organised by Sustainable Stamford. The exhibition has been set out to ‘start with energy saving BEFORE considering renewable energy generation technologies’. This is, I believe, an important statement.

After reviewing our household energy bills I discovered that last year we consumed 4839kwh electricity (3381kwh during the day and 1458kwh during the night) and 9874kwh gas. We also have an open fire on which we burn coal and wood. How wonderful would it be to reduce this by 10% (electricity 4355kwh and gas 8886kwh).

Sustainable Stamford also state that a Transition Town works to ‘growing its own food locally and becoming more self-sufficient’. I aim for our family to produce more of its own food and eat foods available with the seasons.

Man needs food, water, sleep and shelter and yet of society seems to have skewed this. Accessing food and water in a thoughtless way can affect our shelter and sleep. Food is bought without any thought to its quality or sustainability, water also.

Let the journey begin.




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