Simple cooking.

I’d like to introduce you to the Remoska cooker.We discovered it about 18 months ago whilst researching caravans. A customer review mentioned that they rarely used the cooker in their caravan because of their Remoska. What on earth, I thought, and hastily Googled. The reviews impressed me and a short while later we bought a Remoska Grand from Lakeland (see photo above).

It cooks wonderfully versatile meals eg

1. The Standard Remoska cooks for 2-4 people.

2. The Grand Remoska cooks for 4-6 people. (subject to recipe and appetites!)

3. Because a Remoska is its own individual versatile cooking appliance, we talk about ‘cooking’– but most of your traditional cooking terms can be applied.

4. You can ‘Roast’ a joint of meat.

5. You can ‘Roast’ vegetables.

6. You can ‘Bake’ potatoes

7. You can ‘Grill’ chops, bacon and sausages.

8. You can ‘Fry’ eggs.

9. You can ‘Bake’ a cake.

10. You can ‘Bake’ bread.

11. You can cook a whole chicken in a Remoska (subject to size, one that fits whichever Remoska, Standard, Grand).

12. You can put meat AND vegetables in at the same time

13. You can cook Yorkshire Pudding in the Remoska.

14. You can use pre-prepared shop bought meals.

15. You can use microwave meals.

16. You can put ‘tinfoil’ containers in a Remoska. We recommend ‘tinfoil’ for some recipes like fish.

17. You can use ovenproof glass dishes in a Remoska.

18. You can use, and we recommend using a ‘roasting bag’.

19. Some items will cook quicker than a conventional oven.

20. The Remoska is not a slow cooker.


A simple meal for us, for example, would be salmon filet, jacket potato with broccoli and cauliflower florets all cooked in the Remoska. I precook the potatoes for 5 minutes in the Microwave and add them after the salmon has been cooking for 10 minutes and then 10 minutes before the end place the broccoli and cauliflower on top. Delicious!


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